My Story

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

In case you are curious as to how I got my start in design, here's a little snippet of my story ~

I grew up in beautiful Southern California in Ventura County, have always had an eye for design, but never in a million years thought I could make a career in a creative field.

I started college without a clue of what I wanted to do, I had just moved 2,200 miles across the country and the culture shock was enough to make me homesick. I made the most amazing friendships with some beautiful ladies and fell in love with the beauty of Tennessee. I spent my time there going on walks and admiring the beautiful southern architecture, gaining inspirations and binge watching Fixer Upper. After a year and still not knowing what I wanted, I decided to move home for my sophomore year.

Tennessee, circa 2015

The summer that I was home, I knew I need to get a job.

I have always known that I wanted to do something that I love and am passionate about, but I didn’t know what that looked like. I did know one thing for sure: I refused to work in any type of restaurant, fast food, or retail. I would always joke that I would rather recycle water bottles than work in fast food. (yes, totally dramatic lol)

Since I did know that I loved construction and HGTV I said... Why not get a job doing staging or interior design? I mean, they’re basically the same thing right? (ha, more on the difference later) And I figured I could just see if it was something I would want to do.

So, I hopped on google and typed in, "home staging near me" & "interior designers near me".

I wrote down the names of about 10 different companies, and walked through their front doors asking if they were hiring or had any internship positions available.

Most places I didn't have much luck, until I walked into an architecture firm, right here in my home town - naively thinking it was an interior design firm.

I went through my pitch and the owner kindly pointed me to his interior designer who happened to be there that day. We talked and set up an interview - and boom. I got the internship. I spent the next few weeks and months diving head first into interior design, learning and falling in love with this field more than I ever thought I would.

As I dug deeper into the many facets of design, I realized that it is so much more than fluffing pillows and choosing paint colors (which I love doing, as well). But it takes multitasking, project management, understanding of construction & building codes, advanced computer skills, using power tools, and so much more. For this reason, I know I chose the right career. There is always something new to do & learn, and everyday looks different.

I have worked with Design Studio Squared since 2016, and owe SO MUCH to Sarah and the amazing vendors and teams we have worked with over the years. She has taught me nearly everything I know and I am so so infinitely grateful for all of the knowledge she has freely given & invested into me even when I was a baby designer. From design and construction to business and branding, we have done so much and had fun while we were at it!

to see some of Design Studio Squared's work, check here!

As I worked, I also continued going to school. I have been studying Interior Design & Accounting, finishing my Business Accounting Major this past Fall, and I am projected to finish Design this coming Spring.

Above everything that design school has taught me, it has brought me the most incredible friendships. Without the amazing girls I have met in design school I would not be the person that I am today. I am grateful everyday for the lifelong friendships and industry connections that these ladies are!!

In June 2018 I got the amazing opportunity to start working for DV Design, a luxury residential design firm for my dear friend Diana. I have learned so much from her and have grown my love of residential design & symmetry Xx

And now here we are, January 2019 and I am taking off my own Interior Design firm. I have always been inspired to open my own firm, and spent a lot of time thinking I wasn't "ready." But if you don't just START, you'll never be ready! I truly believe that there is always more to learn, but if you don't just start you'll never know what could happen.

I thank you SO MUCH for your support and for believing in me and reading through to the end. I hope to somehow inspire you, and remind you that you are enough to start and to chase your dreams relentlessly, regardless of the opinions of those around you. I promise to keep you updated on all the KI happenings, and take you with me as I grow.